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Developing players of the upstate since 2014

Upstate Jr Mavz is focused on player development and completing, not only in baseball, but in life as well.  We are currently fielding teams in the 8U thru 12U age brackets.  Our goal is to structure the organization similar to MLB, with a AA, AAA and Majors teams in each age division.  Players will earn their spots on each team and will be challenged every day to maintain their spot in the organization.  Players excelling in AA and AAA may be moved to the AAA or Majors team and consequently, if a player is not performing on AAA or Majors may be moved to AA or AAA.


Fundraising and sponsorship (Jr Mavz is a 501c3) by each team is encouraged to help reduce the out of pocket expenses.  Upstate Jr Mavz hosts two golf tournaments yearly to help offset the expense of travel baseball.

Our Programs/Teams: Our Programs
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